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You can download the following examples of portfolios for the specified level:

Primary level


IRELAND: Model for use in primary education with a specific target group: immigrants learning the language of the host country
(Integrate Ireland Language and Training, 2001)

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This version of the European Language Portfolio was developed by Integrate Ireland Language and Training for use in Irish primary schools with non-English speaking pupils who are learning the language of the host community.

The self-assessment grid of the Common European Framework of Reference summarises six levels of second/foreign language proficiency, from beginner to very advanced. Language support provided to non-English speaking pupils in primary education in Ireland is concerned with the first three levels (A1, A2 and B1).

This ELP was designed to reflect the English language demands of the Irish Primary Curriculum (2000). The graded curriculum for language support is set out in the English Language Proficiency Benchmarks for Non-English Speaking Pupils at Primary Level (2003), available on the Integrate Ireland Language and Training website.


Adult Education


NORWAY: An ELP model for adult migrants ( Norwegian Directorate for Education and Training , 2010)

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Description The European Language Portfolio for adult migrants, a Norwegian version of the European Language Portfolio (ELP), was developed according to guidelines of the European Council and in line with the European Framework for Languages (CEFR). It is based on known principles of learning and teaching in foreign language and second language, and its goal is to promote and document the acquisition of language skills. As such, the language portfolio has both a monitoring and an educational function.

Although this portfolio was developed specifically for use in teaching Norwegian as a second language, each part can also be used by any language teacher or learner.



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