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This website results from two projects run within the ECML's (European Centre for Modern Languages) Empowering Language Professionals and the Languages for Social Cohesion programmes.

ELP-WSU - The European Language Portfolio: A guide to the planning, implementation and evaluation of whole-school projects (2008-2011)

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The guide explains how to use the European Language Portfolio to support the learning and teaching of all foreign languages at all levels in a school. Case studies carried out in ten countries illustrate different approaches to ELP use. 

ELP_TT2 - Training teachers to use the ELP (2008-2011)

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The Training teachers to use the European Language Portfolio website and book provide detailed background information about the European Language Portfolio and underlying pedagogic concepts. Guidance is offered on how to set up portfolio projects and use ELPs most profitably in the classroom. The website materials can be used as a core element in teacher training on the ELP. 

ELP_TT - Training teachers to use the ELP (2004-2007)

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The purpose of Project ELP_TT was to support the implementation of the European Language Portfolio (ELP) in Council of Europe member states by :
• developing a kit of materials and activities for ELP-related teacher training ;
• mediating the materials and activities in a central workshop ;
• supporting national ELP training events arising from the central workshop ;
• creating this website, the ELP implementation website, "Using the ELP."

IMPEL - ELP implementation support (2004-2007)

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The aim of the IMPEL project was to offer support for the implementation of the ELP in the Council of Europe member states by :
• gathering and exchanging information on experiences in order to provide support for the day-to-day management of ELP implementation projects ;
• devising planning, monitoring and feedback tools ;
• initiating a cascading process by making these tools available to project managers at a central workshop ;
• disseminating information, expertise and experience in support of ongoing and future ELP implementation projects. 


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